Vibrant. Clean. Magical. Bold. An infinite kaleidoscope of colour. Silence. Desert life whispering in the wind. Beauty gone in an instant. Capturing the magic of the desert flower as it mingles with sweet agave and watery aloe. Fresh-cut green leaves and chrysanthemum petals are enhanced with the essence of orange and fir. Base notes of patchouli introduce a botanical complexity and ground it with a pleasing earthiness. 

Inspired by the modern California lifestyle, the beauty of the desert, lazy days lounging in the sun, and the glamour and serenity of the coast. Each scent in our California Dreamin' collection is an aphrodisiac to the senses, with cool, fresh scents of the ocean and the mystery and beauty of the desert. Marine Layer is truly the perfect combination of sun and sea, blending soft florals and ozonic notes of sea salt. Sea Lavender & White Sage is a pure moment of zen. Desert Flower evokes beauty and the modern daydreams of festival dancing in the desert with no care in the world. Cannabis...well, it's just cool, laid-back style, but not exactly what you might think. It's fresh. It's green. It's downright lovely, really... We can't get enough of these new fragrances, and we're sure that you'll want a couple of each to add to your candle collection too! 

“It's moody. It's sensual. It's literally my new fave and brings back all of those memories of my last holiday at the beach.

— Nadia Simone

My mom always burns lavender candles, so I bought her Sea Lavender & Sage for Mother's Day. Wow! This new scent tops them all! You have two new fans.  

— Alayna Kendrick