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Image by Alina Scheck


Not really...We have other fabulous Fall scents too! 

GOOD DESIGN is everytWhether you're wandering through the gorgeous jewel tones of the fall landscape, soaking in a gorgeous vista, or embracing the haven of your inner homebody, stop right now (yes, right this minute) and take it all in. Embrace the serene and appreciate life right now.  Fall is a symbolic time of year when we get to reflect on where we are in life, where we want to go, and how we want to get there. It’s also a time to acknowledge the things in our lives that we are ready to let go of..., similar to the way that trees gently turn their leaves to bright jewel tones and then symbolically let go of their leaves. As you move through the world, discovering newness, seek with curiosity and create with purpose. Make up your own mind about things. Don't go with the flow and what everyone else says. You do YOU. Magic happens when you take a chance...and enjoy life on your own terms. 

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Image by Katie Oh
Image by Katie Oh

Autumn festivals, pumpkin carving, and crackling bonfires. Plaid shirts and hay rides in the chilly night air...snuggled up under a scratchy wool blanket. Toasty top notes of pumpkin and cloves combine with  middle accords of cinnamon bark, nutmeg, and cardamom. Dark rum and tonka are enhanced with natural essential oils, including cinnamon, nutmeg, cedarwood, clove leaf, and lemon.

Image by Rosie Sun
Image by Rosie Sun

Magical and enchanting. A mysterious wonderland where nymphs dance through the dark and thorny trees at nightfall. Captivating and sensual with great depth and beauty. Shards of light cut through the branches. Traces of cinnamon, clove and red berries entwine with forest fern, pine, cedarwood and fir needles. Infused with natural essential oils, including fir needle, pine, and cedar wood.






Spicy. Aromatic. Meditative. Nostalgic. Secrets from the forgotten Spice Islands. Sun-warmed woods. Dozing  beneath the canopy. Dappled shade. Mysteriously romantic. Modern and nostalgic. A journey between East and West as elements of earthy, spicy clove are enhanced by the warmth of cinnamon and ginger. Breathe deeply. Balance the mind and let this meditative scent evoke a feeling of relaxation and tranquility.  


Here's Our Story... 


Since 2007, Wolfgang & Isabella candles have been lovingly hand-poured in small batches at our studio in downtown Los Angeles. We use 100% natural advanced non-GMO soy wax derived from American-grown soy beans, free from palm wax, beeswax, petroleum, pesticides, and herbicides. Soy wax is eco-friendly, sustainable, gentle on the environment, absorbs more fragrance oil than any other natural wax candle, and lasts twice as long. To fragrance our candles, we use a 10% blend of the purest essential oils and phthalate-free perfume oils, whereas the industry standard is only between 3-7%. The result is a rich, creamy candle that burns evenly, cleanly, and smells absolutely divine, even when its not burning. This means the scent will last until the very end of the candle and will not fade. Our candles are preservative and petroleum-free and 100% vegan. Our wicks are lead-free and made from natural, organic paper, primed with vegetable-based wax. 


Our aesthetic is clean, modern, and minimal, in a pleasing colour palette of black, white, and silver. Our gorgeous glass containers have our signature lotus logo on the front and come with a silver lid. We’re passionate about creative product design, but choose to keep our packaging minimal in order to reduce our carbon footprint. We use products sourced in the USA as much as possible, as we support our country, our planet, and our environment. 


If you are trying to reduce your carbon footprint, these candles are the perfect choice, not only for your physical and mental well-being, but for the environment as well. Plus, a percentage of proceeds on every purchase is donated to a health, wellness, animal, or environmental charity. If you have a charity that you’d like for us to donate to on your behalf, please let us know.


Revel in the warm candlelight, delicate scent, and full experience of our candles. Our candle jars are 10.25 oz, and candle burntime is approximately 70+ hours. Enjoy!

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