Welcome Spring early with scents that are a bit bolder, a bit brighter, and a bit unexpected with fragrances inspired by the beauty and energy of the outdoors. Transport yourself to flower gardens, the beach, the mountains, or the desert with our unique long-lasting scents. Uplift your spirits and welcome in the warmth of the seasons ahead.

Marine Layer is the perfect blend of soft floral notes and salty highlights. Petals of rose, gardenia and ylang ylang delicately mingle in our Tunisian Jasmine & Honeysuckle scent. Have a zen moment as sage, rosemary, and chamomile awaken your senses with Sea Lavender & White Sage. Experience our cutting-edge and exotic take on citrus where top notes of yuzu and mint flirt with rhubarb and a hint of apple in Rhubarb & Yuzu...or capture the magic of the Desert Flower as it mingles with sweet agave and watery aloe in our newest, complex botanical scent. 


Whichever scents inspire you, use them to embrace this space and time. Life is a new gift every single day...and nothing helps us to remember that more than experiencing the beauty and scents of the Earth itself.


Vibrant. Clean. Magical. Bold. An infinite kaleidoscope of colour. Silence. Desert life whispering in the wind. Beauty gone in an instant. Capturing the magic of the desert flower as it mingles with sweet agave and watery aloe. Fresh-cut green leaves and chrysanthemum petals are enhanced with the essence of orange and fir. Base notes of patchouli introduce a botanical complexity and ground it with a pleasing earthiness.