YOUR VERY OWN CUSTOM Original "Captive" Painting
My "Captive" series is based on events in one's life that have made an impact on you in one way or another, good or bad. Good things can also hold you captive. Remember that. Let me take an area of your life that has held you 'captive'...something so special, meaningful, unforgettable, or even painful...that you either want to preserve it or want to 'capture' it so it can't harm you again. These original paintings in the series by Patricia Lucas, are based on certain times in the artist's life and are not for sale.

Get an original "Captive" painting of your own. Once ordered and paid for, the artist will call you or meet with you to discuss your Captive moment.

From the 2014 exhibit "Someday this Pain will be Useful to You..."

The delicate, limbless young women in the paintings by Patricia Lucas are at once captivating and mysterious, enga