Whether you're wandering through the gorgeous jewel tones of the fall landscape, soaking in a gorgeous vista, or embracing the haven of your inner homebody, stop right now (yes, right this minute) and take it all in. Embrace the serene and appreciate life right now. As you move through the world, discovering newness, seek with curiosity and create with purpose. Never stop searching for ways to .There's magic in the air... Silence and solitude. A cool, crisp breeze. Gorgeous jewel tones of falling leaves. Cozy nights indoors cuddled up under a blanket. A favourite candle's flame dancing nearby. Our four new limited edition scents celebrate the Autumnal Equinox, the beauty of autumn, and some of the joys of being at home while dreaming of faraway placesSantal is our ode to a bohemian desert night with notes of oak moss, cooling camphor, cedar, and patchouli. Escape to verdant meadows as evergreen, saffron, and cinnamon enhance hints of plum in our exquisite Black Cashmere. Clear out any negative energy and replace it with positive vibrations with our moody and earthy Full Moon scent, or journey between East and West and balance the mind and as you let our meditative Dark Clove scent help evoke a feeling of relaxation and tranquility. Enjoy Fall and its many wonders. Embrace this time at home, clearing and organizing your space, reconnecting with yourself, and spending time with loved ones. Magic happens when you just relax and enjoy life. Take things day by day...and have gratitude for the little things.





Woodsy. Velvety. Masculine. Sultry. An infinite kaleidoscope of scent and colour. The sleepness nights of an Indian Summer. Desert life whispering in the wind. This complex scent begins with a whisper of bergamot that opens up to oakmoss and cooling camphor. Notes of cedar and patchouli enveloped by amber and benzoin ground this aromatic, earthy fragrance.  

OPPOSITE - Black_Currant_Absinth_Wolfgan


Mysterious and Forbidden. Dangerously intoxicating. Rue Mouffetard in the Roaring Twenties. Bohemian artists, intellectuals and the green fairy mingling into the wee hours of the morning. Delicate saffron and hints of apple blossom dance with luscious black currants and blackberries. Patchouli and cedarwood essential oils enhance the intensity of the dark fruit as star anise and amber surround you in a sophisticated cocktail.